Vintage clothing from the 50's 60's 70's and 80's. We also carry funky, retro, pre loved, upcycled items for sustainable living.

we reopened in October 2018

Looking for an old t-shirt or hoodie ?

we have a selection listed on depop

Things we like:

western wear

 military apparel 

hawaiian shirts 

70’s disco shirts

  overalls bibs 


   leather jackets 

  faux fur coats

 everything denim 

our selection is also available to rent for a night/weekend Got a theme party? a theater gig?

Do you have vintage clothing you would like to sell us?

we will buy. please keep in mind what you see in our store to know what we purchase.

call Tom 618-924-3100 (text messages are too many buttons to push on a flip phone…….soooo vintage!)

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Always a challenge having to move the mannequin around for a good photo …. and that is the best way to move her, I’ve done it myself…